Bathroom Renovations Caloundra.

We are the industry-leading bathroom renovation designers and cabinet makers in Caloundra. We have more than 20 years’ experience building high level and award-winning bathrooms all over the Sunshine Coast and South East Queensland. Everything we do is about bringing excellence and fresh design to your home. Our bathrooms stand out as high-level quality pieces of craftmanship, brimming with stylish elegance and edgy design.

We know you will love your bathroom renovating and building experience with us. If you are looking for someone to help design and build your next bathroom renovation, contact us today and find out how we can help build you the bathroom of your dreams!

Our Caloundra Team

Experienced locals

Our team of expert designers and bathroom builders are Sunshine Coast based, Caloundra locals. Our warehouse is, in fact, on Industrial Avenue in Caloundra, which you can see from the road as you drive North from the Caloundra Rd, Nicklin Way roundabout. You can trust that having us support you on your bathroom renovation journey is also supporting a local business and local workers.

Friendly Professionals

Our team is not only locals, but they are also experts who are committed to making your bathroom renovating experience a good one. We love building inspiring and fresh bathrooms and building something that will suit your family, space and home. Working with us means you can trust that you are getting the best knowledge and advice from industry experts, while still working with a friendly, local team.

Our Caloundra Bathrooms.

Bathroom renovations are an exciting process that we love to be a part of. Watching the old be replaced and transformed by a new bathroom is extremely special, especially when the designs are from award-winning designers. In our experience of almost 20 years as bathroom builders, we have completed thousands of kitchen and bathroom projects. Browse through some of our examples and see our award-winning designs on our online gallery.


Quality Work

Quality is important to us. We ensure quality flows through all of our work. Our high level of workmanship helps to produce this. Our cabinet making tradesmen, builders and renovators are all expertly trained and have years of experience building bathrooms all over Caloundra and the Sunshine Coast.

Quality comes through everything from the materials we use, the equipment we build with and the suppliers we partner with. We make sure nothing but the best products goes into your bathroom so it stands the test of time. Our commitment to quality, coupled with our years of experience means you can trust us to build you a bathroom that you love and will last for years to come.

Quality Service

High-end results for us are just one part of our commitment to quality. We believe quality goes beyond the physical work we do to create and build your bathroom. We strive for quality every step of the way, through our customer relations, consults, quotes, and communication. Everything we do, we do with a high level of excellence. We value our reputation as award-winning, industry-leading bathroom builders and will work to make sure your experience with us is nothing less than the best.

Our Process: Caloundra Bathroom Renovations

Our extensive history of bathroom designing and the building has given us a wealth of insight into how to approach a bathroom renovation. Through that experience, we have developed this guide to help you know what to expect when building a new bathroom with us.

1. Renovations Design & Consult
This is the first exciting step on the way to discovering your dream bathroom renovation! You start by meeting with one of our bathroom designers to begin making the plans for your new bathroom. Together you go through your ideas and the designer will ask questions, make suggestions, and help you come up with a plan. From there, the designer can make a 3D drawing to show you visually what sort of bathroom your plans will look like.

2. Colour & Product Consult
Once you’ve seen your drawings and know the structure you are working with, we get together to choose the colours, materials and finishes that will go into your bathroom. This is where our years of experience can be helpful, as we can help guide you through the process with our expert advice.

3. Quotation
Our quotes are detailed and take into account everything discussed and decided on in the previous two consults. We make the bathroom you are dreaming of, and the finishes you choose, work into a budget that is all-inclusive with no surprises. Though our level of quality and excellence is high, we aim to provide affordable quality to everyone.

4. Quotation Approval
Once you’ve got your quote, we give you time to go through it, ask any questions, make any changes, and then finally accept it. After this, the real work for us begins!

5. Onsite Measure Up
Before we start building your bathroom cabinetry in the warehouse, one of our team will come up to remeasure and double-check the sizing of the space being used. We use state of the art measuring and drawing technology that ensures the cabinets are built to exactly the size on location, making installation a quick and easy process.

6. Factory Production
Our team of expert traders uses the measurements and drawings to custom build your new bathroom. Our factory warehouse in Caloundra is equipped with top-level building equipment, and we have access to all the best supplies to make sure this process is on budget, on time, and overflowing with excellence.

7. Quality Control
We have quality checks all through our process, but before we deliver and install your new bathroom, we always take the extra step of taking the time to ensure quality control measures have been met.

8. Installation
Bringing in your new bathroom is always an exciting time! You get to see the space completely transform and come to life. We work our scheduling in with the other trades involved in your bathroom and make sure you are happy before leaving you to enjoy your new bathroom space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bathroom renovations takes a lot of people and trades to do.  Depending on what you are planning for your new bathroom you could have numerous people involved like: a designer, cabinet maker, plumber, electrician, tiler, and plasterer.

This question is always difficult to answer because every bathroom is different, and the level of renovation can vary.  As you can imagine, a small bathroom facelift will be extremely different to a large bathroom’s complete replacement.  On average, recent statistics show that people tend to spend $16,000 – $20,000 on bathroom renovations, but this doesn’t mean renovations can’t be done for less (or cost a lot more if you have grand ideas or plans!).  The best and only way to work out exactly how much your bathroom will cost is to talk to an experienced bathroom designer (like us!) who can give you an idea of what your sized bathroom renovation would cost.

There are a few things that will significantly change the cost of the bathroom to consider like:

  • How big is the room?
  • Are you making structural or wall change?
  • Are you adding windows or skylights?
  • What type of tiles and how much of them are you using?
  • What fixtures and fittings do you want?
  • Do you have any luxury features like underfloor heating in your plans?

The answer to this question can vary based on the extent of work being done.  As a general guide, small refurbishments can take roughly 4-6 weeks to complete, and bigger jobs 6-10 weeks or more.  These timelines are only general estimates, and your designer and builder can give you a better idea of what to expect once you’ve discussed your plans and what is to be done.

The process we provide only covers the things you are involved in for the design and cabinetry of your bathroom.  There is a large array of other jobs that will be happening alongside that work including:

  • Stripping out the old bathroom
  • Structural work
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Waterproofing
  • Bath installation
  • Cornice molding installation
  • Tiling, grouting and painting
  • Cabinetry installation
  • Final plumbing and electrical fit-outs
  • Accessories installed (eg. shower screen and mirrors)
  • Finishing clean and inspection

Each of these steps may vary depending on whether they are even applicable to your bathroom’s plans, and others may often be added along the way.

Our workshop is located in Caloundra, but we provide bathroom renovation services all over the Sunshine Coast and South East Queensland Region.

Our cabinetry and design services are not limited to bathroom renovations.  Our expert design and cabinetry skills can be used to renovate or create a new kitchen, living room, laundry, bathroom and storage solutions.

We quote and service almost any cabinetry job, as we are one of the most experienced and best cabinet makers on the Sunshine Coast.

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