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We love bringing fresh new kitchen spaces to life on the Sunshine Coast! Our kitchen designers are award-winning experts when it comes to kitchen design, bringing a fresh approach to both residential and commercial cabinetry. The kitchen is the heart of your home, and our design team can make sure it is full of life, warmth, fresh style and luxury.

Designing Kitchens, Sunshine Coast.

When it comes to kitchens, one of the most exciting times is the design process. Whether it’s a new kitchen or a kitchen renovation, the options and choices are almost limitless. It is an opportunity to create something fresh, new, and unique that suits your home, your family’s needs, and whatever kitchen designs you had already envisioned.


Initial Design Consult

To start designing your kitchen, we invite you to meet with one of our friendly design experts for a design consult. At the consult, they will help you bring your new kitchen or kitchen renovations to life. They will work with you on the floor plan for the kitchen, what it will look like, the cabinetry you will need, and your budget for the project.

Our years of experience in building kitchens and kitchen renovation creates an excellent foundation for this meeting, as we can answer all your questions about the process, costs, design features and more. Through our experience building Sunshine Coast kitchens, we also guide you smoothly through the entire process. We make it simple and easy as we know all the details you need to check off at each consult, and help take the work out of it for you.

3D Design Drawings

Designing kitchens can be overwhelming for some people, particularly if you have trouble visualising what the finished product will look like. Kitchens are such an important part of the home, and we know you will want to have the confidence that the finished product is going to look like what you are imagining. Our design team take the information from your consult and develop 3D drawings to show you what the layout and features will look like in your kitchen.

This design element is not limited to kitchens either, so if you are getting a new bathroom, or looking at other home or bathroom renovations, we can develop these 3D drawings to help you understand the design that is being developed. This can help with things like choosing bathroom vanities, tiles and features, the layout of your ideal laundry, and designing other areas of the home.

Colour and Product Consult

The colour and product consult is often a favorite for people when it comes to their kitchen design. At this consult, we help you choose the colours, products and finishes that will match your kitchen and home, bringing your kitchen dreams to life! With the help of our designers, you get to pick everything from cabinet colours and finishes to bench tops and more.

Our showroom is home to a wide range of products and colour samples for kitchens that you can browse for ideas, making the decision process for your kitchen much easier. Our showroom kitchen, Sunshine Coast based, is a great place to visit for ideas and inspiration!

Award-winning Kitchens, Sunshine Coast

In our many years of building and designing kitchens, we have created a wide range of unique and luxurious styles and kitchen designs. The excellence of our work has been recognised by industry-leading awards, most significantly the Master Builders QLD Specialty Awards for the best residential kitchen and bathroom in 2018.

Our Projects

Our Team of Cabinet Makers, Sunshine Coast

We are one of the industry-leading teams of Sunshine Coast cabinet makers, having worked for almost 20 years on thousands of project management for kitchens across Queensland.

Our high-end, fresh, and stylish designs are not limited to kitchen designs. We are cabinet makers that can bring a touch of elegance, class, and flair to your kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, living spaces and more. Our design process and 3D drawings can be used for bathrooms, bathroom renovations, and for a variety of home design solutions. You can match your dream kitchen design with the other bathrooms and spaces in your home, all at once.

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Our team have years of experience doing work on kitchens all across the Sunshine Coast, and always look forward to meeting new people and working on new projects.

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