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A bathroom vanity is an essential element to add to your bathroom design or renovation to create an upscale, cohesive and functional space. A bathroom vanity unit is a combination of the bathroom sink or basin and the surrounding storage. A vanity unit is ultimately an extension of cabinetry that includes a section for your sink and provides as much storage as possible in what is often a small space.

No bathroom product too large or bathroom too small

The benefits of building a bathroom vanity with the crew at Kitchens by Bowen include the option to build your vanity to the specifications of your bathroom design and location. This allows you to have more choices for storage and style, offering you the option to hand-select your cupboards and drawers to suit your storage needs. The options are endless with cabinetry made by locally in our location in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, and you can rest assured that you’re receiving the best quality products and materials. We have been installing and designing cabinetry on the Sunshine Coast for over 20 years, and as a result, your experience will include expert consultation on the creation of your cabinets, tips on the best maintenance, and a vanity unit that will have a delivery and installation from professionals who know what it takes to build a bathroom that will stand the test of time.

Industry excellence and quality craftsmanship for kitchens and bathrooms

We have been serving the Sunshine Coast community for over two decades with the best options for variety, unique design, well made and high-quality products and options for every space and design request. We have a solution for every space, and our bathroom vanities can make your bathroom go from bland to exciting, or from old to new, in one simple installation. We offer a range of different vanity options, such as timber bathroom vanities for a classic upscale look, or in a whitewash to bring variety to your styling options or to suit your wall colour and a range of different bathroom designs.

Let a vanity create the difference

A vanity brings more than just storage space through larger cupboards or deeper drawers but is a perfect way to combine beauty and style with diversity and ease of use. Just as new cabinets can transform the facade of your kitchen, a new vanity unit can change the look and feel of your bathroom to suit the renovations of your home or office, and to add value and individuality to your space. Whether you choose timber bathroom vanities or use the genius of our design team to create vanities specific to your space and to suit your needs – we can make the process easy for you and create bathroom vanities and cabinets that you will love.

Our Process

Some things to consider when choosing your bathroom vanities

After you’ve decided to create the difference by installing custom made cabinets or bathroom vanities, there are some things to consider to bring clarity to your design:

Your bathroom vanities can have a huge effect on the look and feel of your space, and there are several influences over how your vanities should look, from the colour choice to your cabinets to the bathroom products you most often use. With our custom made bathroom vanities, you can choose any style that suits the design of your bathrooms – from soft and organic, to minimalist and contemporary, or edgy with hard corners and sharp lines.

It’s users’ choice when deciding on the basin to go into your new cabinets, and we are guaranteed to have the products to suit your desire. Basins can come in a range of shapes and sizes from wall basins to vanity basins, to sit above the counter or on top of the counter, or stand alone as their own feature. Choosing the right basin depends on the bathroom products and the needs of the user or users, and our range of custom made vanities can be measured and altered to suit whichever basin takes your eye and suits your needs.

Our community of local Sunshine Coast suppliers has a range of taps and tapware available to suit any design or the specifications of your space. Tapware can be installed on the basin or wall-mounted, with height or in a low model, with one or three tap holes. Knowing the kind of tapware that you love can set off your design and get your vanity created in no time.

Whether you’re a minimalist, or you need cabinets with ample storage space to avoid needing to cart your various bathroom products around, we will have a storage solution for you. Ample storage means your vanity will be free to bring the style and sophistication you’re hoping for, and the beauty of a custom made cabinet is the ability to alter the storage space for your exact purposes. From deep drawers to tall cupboards, we will have an option to store all of your items while making your bathroom shine.

Servicing the Sunshine Coast community for two decades

Our work as the leading bathroom vanities maker in the Sunshine Coast community has taken us to some of the most beautiful places in Australia to create cabinets and vanities that will increase value, style and ease of use for our clients. With availability to service anywhere on the Sunshine Coast from Noosa to Caloundra, and with our showroom open for the perusal and inspiration of Sunshine Coast residents, we can work with you to create the bathroom vanity of your dreams.

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