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We are the best bathroom renovation experts on the Sunshine Coast, having completed hundreds of bathroom projects over almost 20 years of work. Our business is all about making beautiful bathrooms and kitchens through fresh cabinetry design. Our bathroom designers are award-winning and our level of quality, style, and excellence is high in every job.

With years of experience and award-winning designs all over South East QLD, we know you will love your bathroom renovations experience with us.

If you are thinking about doing refurbishments and renovations to your home, bathroom or kitchen, call us today and find out how we can design and build the bathroom of your dreams!

Our Bathroom Designers

Our experienced Sunshine Coast team

Our bathroom renovations team are design specialists and renovations experts based on the Sunshine Coast. No matter the structure, space, or size of your old bathroom, our designers know how to bring the best out of your home to create a stellar bathroom design. We have had years of experience renovating bathrooms all across QLD and the Sunshine Coast. We know how to bring fresh life to a small bathroom, a sense of class and grandeur to large bathrooms, and most importantly, we know how to balance elegance and style with practicality.

Inspiring bathroom designs

We are award-winning Sunshine Coast designers with years of bathroom renovations and experience under our belts. We are passionate about bringing fresh and inspiring designs to your home. This can especially be done through a process like a bathroom renovation, designing a new look bathroom that fits your family, space, and home. Using our expert team of designers ensures you can count on a touch of class and total satisfaction from your bathroom renovations.

Sunshine Coast QLD Bathroom Builders.

We love creating new Sunshine Coast bathrooms, especially through bathroom renovation projects. There is something special about a job where you get to bring new life to a house through renovations. The renovation process is exciting because you get to watch a bathroom space transform before your eyes. Some of the things that make us the best company to work with on your renovation project include the high level of quality and workmanship we bring to your workplace and our friendly professionalism.


High level workmanship

We value quality and high level results through all of our services. Our cabinet making tradesmen, builders, renovators and design team are all experts in the building industry and have worked on numerous bathrooms and renovations on the Sunshine Coast and South East Queensland.

Our commitment to quality, detail, and results flows through every step in our process. From consultation and quotes, through the actual renovation building work, to the final hand-over, we take pleasure in exceeding our clients’ expectations and dreams for their house and bathrooms. Our years of experience and happy customers mean that you can trust the reputation we have built as a company for excellent services and beautiful bathroom success.

Friendly Professionalism

We back up our promise for quality and success with a commitment to caring for you, your family and home with the utmost professionalism. We build high levels of rapport with our clients and believe that everything is made better with effective communication, a positive attitude, and a friendly manner. We value our reputation as the number one bathroom renovators, not just for the workmanship, service, and result we provide, but also for the trust and relationship we build with the homeowner, business owner, or family connected to the house we are renovating.

Our Process: Bathroom Renovations, Sunshine Coast

In our many years of creating award-winning bathroom and kitchen renovations, we have developed an easy to follow the process that will make your bathroom renovation project easy to do and a pleasure to be a part of.

Your Kitchens by Bowen bathroom renovator will help you navigate the renovation journey and provide you with expert bathroom and renovations advice along the way.

1. Renovations Design + Consult

This is the first and very exciting step on the way to your brand new bathroom renovation. Your ideas combined with our style, experience and 3D drawings create a strong foundation for your renovations. Together, they make sure your renovation plans are exactly what you envisioned for your place. This is where you can bring your list of all the things and each item you’ve dreamed about having in your bathroom design. Storage cupboards, tapware, extra space, a rain shower, heated floor, a powder room – whatever you can imagine to make your bathroom a practical and beautiful place!

2. Colour + Product Consult

Working with your ideal look and budget, we help guide you to choose the colours and finishes for your bathroom renovation. If you are looking for extra inspiration, you can also browse our showroom or online gallery of kitchen and bathroom projects for inspiration. Our years of experience as bathroom renovators will be a valuable asset to you in this step as we know what finishes will work best in your bathroom space and give you a high-quality result.

3. Quotation Stage

Our detailed quotation stage means that we ensure your home renovation comes in on budget without compromising on quality. Your renovations quote will contain all the details, price and inclusions for your project that was discussed in the consultation stages. We always aim to give each job the best quality of work, with expert building and designing, at reasonable prices. Our aim is affordable quality for anyone and everyone that needs

4. Quotation Approval

This phase of the process is simply a time for you to review your renovations quote, 3D drawings and plans to make sure you are happy with how your bathroom renovation plans have come together before we get started making the vision come to life! If you have questions, concerns or revisions that need to be made to your renovations, this is the time to contact us and we can work out how we can get your bathroom renovations meeting both your bathroom dreams and reno budget.

5. Onsite Measure Up + Production Drawings

Your bathroom cabinetry and refurbishments are tailor-made to measurement, ensuring a precision fit on installation. One of our team will come to the site to finalize the measurements before the manufacturing stage of your project begins. Our state of the art technology gives us incredible accuracy, making sure every cabinet made is fit-perfect. This makes installation a dream for even difficult project management jobs.

6. Factory Production

Our expert trades team and state of the art technology and equipment means our factory production is unrivaled. This is the exciting stage for us where we see all the plans, dreams and drawings start to become a reality. Your bathroom builder takes care to work with precision and attention to detail to make sure your cabinetry is excellent. Our factory warehouse is based in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, and out of this place, we have helped create hundreds of bathroom renovations dreams come true!

7. Quality Control

Part of what sets us apart as cabinet and kitchen experts is our expert quality and workmanship. Every project is put through a vigilant quality control regime, meeting Australian standards and ensuring a high-end finish. You can trust that our quality of work is high for all of your home and bathroom renovations, and your cabinetry will last the test of time.

8. Installation

We schedule our installation to suit your time frame and building project. We work professionally alongside other trades, coordinating with everyone working on your bathroom renovations. Once installed, we make sure you are happy with your final product, that there are no problems and everything is in working order, and leave you to enjoy your new bathroom renovations!

Through all these stages, our company values people, professionalism, communication and customer service – we work hard to help you create the best bathroom for your home. Contact us today and call us to find out how we can help you with your renovation journey today!

There is a lot that goes into the creation of new bathrooms and refurbishments. Bathroom renovations require multiple trades and lots of planning. Depending on the work involved, a renovation can include services from trades including anyone like a designer, cabinet maker, plumber, builder, electrition, and plasterer.

Our Sunshine Coast based renovation building and cabinetry design company can bring a touch of luxury, class, and sophistication to your home. We can even join your bathroom and kitchen renovations together to make a cohesive design across your entire house. Contact us today to find out more about our bathroom renovations services.

Budget is a big factor when it comes to a bathroom renovation project, and the answer really depends on the extent of the renovations and what you are putting in. Small bathroom refurbishments and renovations will have a vastly different budget and quote compared to a large bathroom renovation that is being completely stripped out. The HIA Kitchen and Bathrooms Report 18/19 found that most people spent around $16,000 – $20,000 on their bathroom job, but some smaller renovations and refurbishments can be much much lower than that (and more extravagant jobs much more!). The best way to work out what your bathroom renovation is likely to cost is to talk to renovators and experienced designers like us to find out more and get a quote for your ideas.

Things to think about that can cause a big variety in the budget for bathroom renovations may include: the size of the room, whether or not you are making structural or wall changes, whether you are adding windows and skylights, the type and range of tiles (and how much you are covering each wall and floor with them), the fixtures and fittings you choose, and the addition of luxury items like underfloor heating.

Call us today to speak with one of our friendly team to find out more.

This is a common question and just like the budget, the answer varies depending on the extent of the renovations taking place. Renovation reality TV shows often give people unrealistic expectations, and anyone will tell you that completing a high-quality bathroom in less than a week is virtually impossible in the real world.

As a general guide, small refurbishments can take 4-6 weeks and bigger jobs 6-10 weeks or more, but these are only general timelines that may vary depending on the specific nature of the renovation work.

Things that can make a bathroom renovation project timeline move quicker can include high levels of communication and project management, pre-prepared ideas of what you have in mind for your room design and using expert trades, builders, and teams that know what they are doing and will do it right the first time.

Following our process is the easiest way to approach your Sunshine Coast bathroom renovations and building. If you are wondering what your builder will have to do and the services you will need, a general renovation timeline may include:

  1. Stripping out the old bathroom
  2. Structural work (including repairing any past water damage)
  3. The plumber comes in to connect the pipes and water supply
  4. An electrician connects the wiring
  5. Waterproofing
  6. Bath installation
  7. Cornice molding installation (if applicable)
  8. Wall and floor tiling, grouting, and painting
  9. Cabinetry installation
  10. The plumber and electrician do the final fit-outs
  11. Shower screen, mirrors, and accessories are installed
  12. Finishing clean and inspection
  13. Completion and our clients’ 100% satisfaction!

Again, each of these steps depends on the extent of the renovations and what needs to be done. Some of these steps may not be applicable for your bathroom, room or home, or additional ones may be needed.

We are bathroom and kitchen renovation and cabinetry experts based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. Our showroom and workshop is located in Caloundra, on the Southern end of the Sunshine Coast. We provide design and cabinetry solutions for bathrooms all over the South East QLD.

We offer a wide range of services to Sunshine Coast homes and businesses beyond just bathroom renovations. Our cabinet making, design, and renovation services can provide what you need to turn your kitchen, living room, laundry, bathroom, storage place, or virtually any room into one of the most beautiful spaces in your home.

We can quote and service virtually any cabinetry job as one of the most experienced bathroom and kitchen builders on the Sunshine Coast. Whatever you need to build your perfect home, you need to look no further to find the number one renovation and design service experts on the Sunshine Coast.

You can call us or browse our website for more details. Our online site boasts some photos and reviews of many of our expert renovation services, and the result of some of our award-winning designs done for both new Sunshine Coast home builder projects and re-do renovations.

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